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Other people’s hygiene can be scary!


According to a recent BBC report, two in three men and one in three women don't wash their hands after using a public toilet. If you know the statistics, and you understand how infections such as NOROVIRUS are spread, you probably already think twice about opening a toilet door handle after you have washed your hands.


If you have ever :


  • used a paper towel or piece of tissue to open a toilet door

  • used your shirt sleeve to open a toilet door

  • used the tip of your little finger to open a toilet door

  • spent time trying to figure out which part of a toilet door other people use the least

  • hung around longer than necessary waiting for another person to open the toilet door, and then dived out in their slipstream...


Loodini will save you time, embarrassment, and an upset stomach (or worse).


LOODINI works virtually any combination of


  • door handles

  • locks

  • bolts and latches

  • flushes

  • taps


... you are ever likely to encounter, without you having to touch the dirty surface.


Unlike hand sanitizer, LOODINI compliments hand-washing with good old-fashioned soap and water - keeping your hands clean after you have washed them.


Loodini keeps other people's germs where they belong - on other people's fingers.


Loodini also works on other dirty surfaces :


  • touch screens in doctors' waiting rooms

  • switches

  • ATM buttons

  • lift buttons

  • road crossing buttons





Why not treat yourself, or your germ-conscious friend?

LOODINI puts your personal hygiene in the safest hands - your own.

LOODINI - make a clean escape from dirty toilets